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Your Sun Sign is not the only important astrological sign which makes your character.

There is also an Ascendant Sign equally important.


Sun Sign is your ego, your logic, it is how you act in the world and how you see the world.

Ascendant Sign is your behaviour, it is how you want to live, how you want to act in the world and how the world sees you.

Ascendant's Descendant Sign is the behaviour pattern which you do not have, but would like to have and secretly admire. Be careful on those who have this sign or element, you will admire them or hate them. This is very emotional relationship which will never end up well.


Find someone with the same Sun Sign or Ascendant Sign and find a friend.

Find someone with both same Sun Sign and Ascendant Sign and find a life-long friend.

Who finds a friend, finds a treasure.


Finding the both same signs is not easy, but a bit easier is to find your sign's elements.

Find your element and be in your element. Feel the natural passion of your elements with someone who can too.

Basic principle of attraction is the rule of similarity:

Similarity is attractive

21.3. - 20.4.
21.4. - 21.5.
22.5. - 21.6.
22.6. - 22.7.
23.7. - 22.8.
23.8. - 22.9.
23.9. - 23.10.
24.10. - 22.11.
23.11. - 21.12.
22.12. - 20.1.
21.1. - 20.2.
21.2. - 20.3.